When is Chinese New Year 2021 – Celebration Date

chinese new year 2021

Find out the Chinese new year 2021 date according to Chinese calendar and explore happy Chinese new year images 2021 and wallpaper in high quality display.

Chinese new year is observed on Friday, 12 February for the year 2021. The Ox or the Bull is an animal sign for the year 2021 according to zodiac calendar. This year is also refers as the Year of Cows

Chinese New Year is the first day of the year according to Chinese traditional calendar. Some people refers as the spring festival and some named this Lunar New Year. Year of the Ox is twelve year cycle. It comes after every 12 years. Now it is celebrating in 2021 and after that it will be celebrated in 2033. If you are looking for Chinese New Year images and wallpaper then here is a big collection of happy chinese new year 2021 images and wallpaper. You can use these happy new year 2021 images freely for any propose. 

Chinese New Year History

Chinese nation celebrate their new year according to animal zodiac signs. In China, there is a 12 year cycle having 12 animals and together they are  called as 生肖 shēngxiào. This cycle start with the animal of rat, and rest are the followed by ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Last year was the Rat Year, which was celebrated on 25th January in 2020. The whole cycle takes 12 years to complete. After this Ox Year, next will come in 2033.

On this glorious day, Chinese people warmly welcome the new year. They wish to each other and held parties at their homes. On this day, they forget the sins of their relatives and hug each other tightly. Shortly, they celebrate and welcome new Year in a unique way. They are all equal on the new year day and everyone participates to enjoy the celebrations. 

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